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Specialists in the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program

Expert Solutions, a Toronto, Ontario based company founded in 1986 by Dr. Peter Davies, is in the SR&ED consulting business. It is a division of Peter Davies Consulting & Research Inc. Our primary focus is on assisting businesses with preparing their SR&ED Tax Credit submissions.

Many of the SR&ED claims we have dealt with have been computer software or hardware related. As well, we have tackled SR&ED submissions in other arenas, most notably in engineering, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Each SR&ED consultant has many years experience in at least one field of technology, and together we can handle any eligible area which contains SR&ED.

We believe that there are many Canadian companies who are missing an opportunity to benefit from the SR&ED Tax Credit program. They simply do not consider what they do as Research and Development. SR&ED, however, is not confined to “ivory towers”. If you are pushing the envelope in your field, you are probably doing SR&ED. If there is a risk that you will not be successful in what you are trying to achieve, you are almost certainly engaged in SR&ED. If you are making improvements to your products or processes, and these changes involve technological uncertainty then you are doing SR&ED. If part of what you do is an advancement within your field then you are doing SR&ED.

One of our expert SR&ED consultants will visit you to help ascertain whether or not you have a viable SR&ED tax credit claim, and we will do this at no cost to your company. Should you proceed, and engage us to assist you in preparing your SR&ED technical report, we will ensure that you receive the maximum possible benefit from the SR&ED tax credit program.

Recently we expanded our services to include similar assistance to clients, with respect to the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (OIDMTC) progam.
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